2 of each red and yellow vine ripened tomatoes*, sliced 1/4 inch

One large red onion* sliced thin

2 free stone peaches - cubed

1 tsp "Mile Marker 44-Spice"

4 oz Chef Chasky's - Limited Reserve EVOO", add 1 drop of CPTG Lemon Essential Oil** and mix together gently

1/2 cup of Barrel Aged Feta Cheese* (Big Cheese Gourmet)

Pink sea salt from mil, to taste

Fresh basil leaves* for garnish (Blooming Groves Nursery)

2 turns of "lavender pepper" from mill

"Fig Get IT" Vinaigrette, drizzle to taste


On a serving platter, lay out tomatoes and onions then top with peaches. Crumble feta cheese equally over top of tomatoes, onions, and peaches.Sprinkle with "Mile Marker 44-Spice" over top. Drizzle infused "Limited Reserve EVOO" with lemon oil over the top. Using sea salt mill, grind pink Himalayan sea salt to taste, garnish with basil leaves.  Serves 4 - 6

*Items are available at The Venice Farmers Market Vendors

**Use only essential oils that are CPTG-food grade/digestible