4 - 6 oz portions of Wild caught salmon filets

1 small head of red or green cabbage - chopped course

1 pin of each strawberries/blueberries and raspberries

2 oz fresh orange juice

4 oz light mayonnaise or veganaise

2 oz "Trojan Balsamic"

Pinch of sea salt and pepper

1 lime cut into 1/4's

4 oz "All Jacked Up" Spice

4 oz of "Limited Reserve EVOO"



Dredge each salmon fillet in one ounce of "All Jacked Up" spice. In a cast-iron skillet, heat EVOO till shimmering, place each filet in the pan and cook till color change comes up 1/2 way on the filet, and turn over gently and finish cooking the rest of the way. Take out of the pan and serve with lime wedge. In a bowl, place slaw and mix well with balsamic, sea salt and pepper, add mayonnaise and mix gently, add to salmon plate as side-salad. In another bowl place all berries and orange juice and mix gently then serve in individual bowls.