Our Non-Food vendors represent 25% or less of our market. In this category you will find a variety of household items; candles, soaps, essential oils, skin care products, organic cleaning products and more. We invite you to learn more about our Non-food vendors by reviewing the listings on this page.


Thierry sharpen's all knives while you wait, pocket knives, hunting knives, home chef's knives, old and new, carbon steel and stainless steel. All scissors, grooming shears, pinking shears, garden tools, machetes, zombie knives, axes, pruners, loppers, electric edges. Theirry hasn't even seen a blade he could not sharpen!


Thierry Rouillard, Owner  941-539-3756

Bambooty Headgear, launched in January 2013 by mother and son team, Rochell and Joe, imports the bamboo fabric it uses from China. The products are then sewn, embroidered, and dyed in Venice, FL. creating an amazing array of products for you to choose from. Andrea Meythaler a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University serves as Creative Director bringing her degree in fine arts to the team.

Rochelle Conti and Joe Monach, Owners  941-549-1796

Originally designed as an athletic shoe, OOFOS absorbs 37% more shock with every step than other foam foot wear. Soft, flexible, moisture resistant, and durable they will hold its cushion its entire life, OOFOS reduces stress on feet, knees, and your back. For a dressed up effect, add a jewelry shoe clip accessory to your OOFOS.


Michael McFarland, Distributor  1-218-820-4095

Offers pottery, air plants, and mixed media art. His pottery is handcrafted stoneware that is fired to a temperature of 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, lead-free, microwaveable and dishwasher safe. Each week he offers a selection of fresh plants that can be purchased individually or as part of his popular air plant holders. Plant holders are made of a lightweight material that he makes called hypertufa. 


John Christian, Owner  941-548-6109

Hats of Madagascar imports hats and bags that come in man colors made by local artists in Madagascar. All of the hats are foldable, collapsible and packable. The material is made from the giat leaves of a kind of palm tree that grows primarily in Madagascar. They are some of the biggest leaves in the world. They are dried out, pulled into thin strips and woven into a fine raffia cloth. That cloth is then dyed and sewn by hand into hats.

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Fred Grant, Owner  1-239-247-0565

Kokokahn products are handcrafted with unrefined, organic ingredients and essential oils tested to ensure purity and quality using only the purest ingredients and NEVER any of the following: No Parabens, Phthalates, Dyes, Sulfates, and Synthetic Ingredients. All of their essential oils are GC/MS tested for purity, quality and adulterants.This test provides a chemical analysis of a plant's essential oils. 


Traci Dalrymple, Founder/President  813-451-8175

Producer of pure and natural soaps in 34 different fragrances, No GMO oils, phthalates, parabens, or sulfates. She offers body butters, & body oils, bath bombs, roll-on perfumes, and aromatic diffuser oils, Salty Sister Watercolor prints & notecards, original acrylic paintings, wall hangings, & floorcloths.


Melissa Erlenbach Searle, Owner  Studio 941-227-4335 Cell 941-586-4616

Hand loomed Fouta towels beautifully crafted, extremely versatile towel for beach, bath, and home. Hugely popular in Spas throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, their towels are consistently featured in design magazines and sought after by discriminating shoppers.


Michael and Isabelle Crider, Owners  818-288-6856

Young Living Essential Oils are the aromatic liquids found in trees, shrubs, flowers, roots, resins, and seeds. These Oils are also known as "Nature's Energy" and perform many of the functions for the Plant Kindom that our own blood does for us. Low temperatures, low pressure, and careful distillation provide us with Therapeutic Grade Constituents used to support wellness.


Donna & Jim Bath, Independent Distributors, 941-497-7692 or 941-716-2261